A Professional Approach to the Study of the Earth’s Interior

Field facilities and well construction supervision

A separate field of activity for GeoGrid Center is project management and supervision during well construction. Its aim is to improve well construction efficiency, decrease downtime and cut expenses through the optimisation of works and comprehensive management at all stages of well preparation and construction.

In recent years, several projects have been completed in this area, including well construction  management in the Algerian Sahara, supervision of deep-water exploration drilling in Vietnam,  supervision and geological support for the drilling of wells in Bangladesh, and some others.

The work involved in project management can be divided into two phases: preparatory and operational.

The preparatory phase generally involves a three-person project team: a project leader, a drilling engineer and a logistics specialist. The composition of the team is subject to the nature and scope of the problems to be solved.

The project team develops technical specifications for well engineering and detailed well drilling programs. It ensures the approval of these stages and keeps their status up-to-date. The team also selects the companies and services needed to construct the wells. It organises and conducts tenders among potential contractors and service companies involved in well construction. It prepares draft contracts with the winners of the tender process, organises and performs rig inspections prior to signing service contracts and before drilling operations commence.

The operational phase involves the project team at full strength. These three members are joined by dedicated specialists, such as a drilling supervisor (day-time and night-time, if required) and a drilling geologist. At the client’s discretion, the team may also include a health and safety specialist.

Upon completion of drilling operations, the final well construction report is submitted to the client, including a composite geological-geophysical section and an analysis of the service companies’ performance, as well as a report on well suspension or abandonment.