A Professional Approach to the Study of the Earth’s Interior

Basin Modelling

GeoGrid is the first Russian company to integrate basin modelling and petroleum system modelling technologies into the general sequence of geological works. The application of these complex advanced technologies has become routine for GeoGrid specialists.

The purpose of new technologies introduction is to minimize risks in justifying the selection of sites for prospecting wells and increasing profitability in prospecting, exploration and development of deposits.

Every production company focuses on improving its drilling success ratio and reducing costs. Basin modelling allows significant cost cutting and improves the economic efficiency of the projects.

Basin modelling starts with burial history restoration. It involves computational methods that permit the use of absolute values for a specific parameter, rather than relative quantities. The technique allows the tracking and identification of variations in all of the characteristics of the surveyed target over time and distance, as well as identifying regularities governing those variations.

Creation of a 3D model of a petroleum system allows integrating all forms of geological information available to the petroleum industry, i.e. geochemical, geophysical, lithological, stratigraphical and other data. This, in turn, would allow drawing conclusions as to possible petroleum migration routes, traps structure and location, and their possible filling level.

Basin modelling results in the construction of a 3D dynamic model of sedimentary structure evolution. All subsequent models, which describe evolution of sedimentary basin petroleum system (such as thermal, petroleum generation, migration, accumulation, etc.), are calculated on the base of that model.

The technology of basin modelling has a high forecast potential, resulting in significant reduction of the cost of seismic exploration and exploratory drilling. At the same time, the calculated data allow us to minimize the influence of subjective assessments on the economic analysis of projects.

By using petroleum system modelling technology it is possible to obtain mathematical rationale for probability of traps being filled with fluid. This provides a much higher likelihood of successful field discoveries.

GeoGrid uses all available foreign and Russian software to provide its basin modelling, which, under current economic conditions, leads to higher market stability for the company.