A Professional Approach to the Study of the Earth’s Interior

Key Areas of Activity

Core Areas of the Company’s Activity:

  • Basin Modelling and Petroleum Systems Modelling;
  • Integrated Geomechanical Modelling;
  • Process-based modelling of reservoir facies sedimentation;
  • Construction supervision for well and oil field facilities.

Conventional Services:

  • 2D and 3D seismic data processing and interpretation; 
  • Integrated interpretation of well log data and petrophysical modelling of productive formations;
  • Static and dynamic geological modelling of prospective targets, based on an integrated interpretation of geological and geophysical data;
  • Geological and economic assessment of subsurface targets;
  • Estimation of oil and gas reserves and their components based on live geological and reservoir models;
  • Audit of subsurface exploitation (audit of reserves);
  • Resource-potential assessment for promising areas;
  • Identification of prospects for exploration activities.