A Professional Approach to the Study of the Earth’s Interior

Information security management system

GeoGrid Center has launched an Information security management system, for the purposes of effective information resources protection. The integral part of this system is an ongoing risk management process. During this process, all actual threats as well as protection measures against them, are identified. This allows keeping on an acceptable level the overall confidentiality, integrity and availability of the geological information, which is being processed by the company.

During deployment of the Information security management system, all relevant policies, regulations, standards and instructions were developed and approved, they are described below in details.


- on informational security;
- on cyber security of a local area network;
- on management of information security incidents;
- on personal data processing.


- on non-disclosure;
- on access areas;


- on access right granting;
- on anti-virus protection;
- on access to communication ports and usage of computer storage media;
- on organization of corporate e-mail protection;
- on usage of corporative and personal mobile devices;
- on access to Internet resources;
- on backup and restore data;
- on installation and modification of a software;
- on detection and counteractions to incidents in the field of information security.


- to users on information security;
- on how to process confidential documentation;
- on the transfer of information consisting a trade secret and/or other confidential information.