A Professional Approach to the Study of the Earth’s Interior

The people

Sergey Bolotov


Born in 1966.
Graduate of the Geological Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University.  Candidate of geological and mineralogical science.
1997-2014 – Associate Professor of the Department of Historical and Regional Geology of Geological Faculty; 
2011-2012 – Deputy Vice-Rector of Moscow State University.
A well-known expert in the field of digital three-dimensional basin modeling, complex interpretation of seismic data, development of geological substantiation, forecast of oil and gas potential, modeling mechanical properties of geological environment, geomechanical modeling.


Galina Miletckaya

Chief Operations Officer

Born in 1967.
Graduate of the Geological Faculty of Chernyshevskiy Saratov State University. 
In 1990 started her working career as a junior specialist of the Department of Geological Interpretation of Geophysical Data and in 2006 became the Head of the Laboratory of Natural Reservoirs Modeling and Calculation of Hydrocarbon Reserves of Nizhny-Volzhsky Geological and Geophysical Research Institute.
2006-2013 – Director for geology and development of hydrocarbon fields of the company "Axonoil" (Saratov region).
Expert in the field of geological modeling of natural oil and gas reservoirs, assessment of resources and calculation of hydrocarbon reserves, creation and maintenance of permanent geological and technological models, examination of PDGTM and geological exploration projects.
2013 – present time - Head of Production Department at GeoGrid Center.


Tatiana Nikandrova

Chief Financial Officer

Born in 1964.
In 1993 graduated from Moscow Commercial University with a degree in Economics.
Worked at "Mosgortorg", the Moscow Trade Committee , State Unitary Enterprise "Mosprodcontract” in  positions from an Accountant to Financial Director and then Acting General Director.
2003–2017 worked as Chief Accountant at Gazprom zarubezhneftegaz, JSC and Gazprom EP International B.V.


Fikret Mirkerimov

Chief Drilling Officer

Born in 1955.
Graduated from Azizbekov Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry with specialty "Drilling of oil and gas wells". Candidate of Technical Sciences.
In 1977 he started working as a drilling engineer at the Sangachal Maritime Drilling Administration in Baku.
Since 1980 worked as a Junior Researcher of Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry; in late 1990s worked as a senior researcher at Baku Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.
Worked in a number of production oil and gas structures of Rosneft in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District, Orenburg Region, Algerian People’s Democratic Republic as a well workover (WO) specialist, a drilling supervisor, and a deputy production director.
2010-2017 worked in Gazprom EP International B.V.  as Head of the Department of Drilling and WO operations.


Vitaly Polokhin

Deputy CEO for Contracts (Procurement)

Born in 1969.
In 1993 graduated from the Institute of Nature Protection and Resort Construction with a degree in industrial and civil construction, in 2005 graduated from Griboedov Institute of International Law and Economics, major in Jurisprudence.
Worked at Gazprom zarubezhneftegaz, JSC as a legal counsel for contracting and legal work, head of the commercial department; acted as the General Director of Ustyurt-Zarubezhneftegaz, JSC (Uzbekistan).
2011 – recent time - worked at Gazprom EP International B.V. in the positions of the contract and logistics manager of the Algerian branch, as well as the head of the department for managing competitive purchases in the branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Sevil Prorokova

Chief accountant

Born in 1967.
In 1989 Graduated from Azerbaijan Kirov University, Specialty: Applied Mathematics.
From the beginning of the 1990s worked as a software engineer in a number of production associations of the Azerbaijan SSR. Since 1991 – chief accountant in commercial and industrial-commercial structures in Baku and Moscow.
2007-2011 – Deputy Chief Accountant of Gazprom zarubezhneftegaz, JSC; 
2011-2017 – Deputy Chief Accountant of Gazprom EP International B.V.


Anatoly Pinchuk

Head of Geological Division

Born in 1960.
Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University specializing in ‘Geology and the Exploration of Oil and Gas Deposits’.
He began working in 1982 as a soil technician in deep well drilling of the Naryanmarsk Oil and Gas Expedition Party. From 1989 to 2003 he was the head of geological and mathematical modelling in the ‘Arkhangelskgeoldobycha’ company, until 2005 he was Chief Geologist in the project office of ‘Gazprom’ in India, and in 2005-2011 he was Head of Department in CJSC ‘Gazprom zarubezhneftegaz’, followed by Head of Department for Interpretation and Prospective Development at Gazprom EP International B.V.
He is an expert in the area of geological interpretation and modelling, seismic exploration data analysis and creating structural field models.


Andrey Ershov

Lead Geologist, Head of the Basin Modeling Group of the  Geological Interpretation and Modeling Division

Born in 1967.
In 1992 graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Specialty: Physics. PhD in geology and mineralogy.
2004-2012 - worked at the Center for Professional Retraining of Oil Professionals at Tomsk Polytechnic University, being an associate professor of the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University from 2003. Expert in basin and petroleum systems modeling, process-based sedimentological modeling, petroleum geomechanics.
2012 – present time -  Lead Geologist at GeoGrid Center.


Maxim Korotaev

Lead Geologist of the Basin Modeling group of the Geological Interpretation and Modeling Division

Born in 1972.
In 1995 graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Specialty: Geology. Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Science.
Expert in the field of Geoinformation Systems, Modeling of Hydrocarbon systems, Creation of Geological Models. The author of six textbooks on the use of geoinformation systems and information technologies in geology.
Since 2001 – Associate Professor of the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University.
2012 – present time -  Lead Geologist at GeoGrid Center.


Alexander Eidinov

Head of Division for hydrocarbon field development and engineering and economic assessment

Born in 1959.
In 1981 he graduated from the Gubkin Moscow Institute for the Petrochemical and Gas Industry specializing in ‘Geophysical Methods for Prospecting and Exploring Mineral Deposit Fields’. He is Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and he has patented ‘A Method for Determining the Spatial Orientation of Induced Hydraulic Fracture’. He is an expert  in the area of integrated geo-mechanical modelling and assessing oil and gas resources in a context of uncertainty. 
Before 1991 he was the Chief Engineer of the Central Geophysical Expedition Field Party of the USSR’s Oil Ministry. 
In 1991-1994 he was Project Leader in the ‘Petroalians’ group, and in 1995-1999 Project Manager and Head of Group for the Development of Oil and Gas Information Technologies at IBM Eastern Europe/Asia. 
Until 2002, he was Head of Department of Extraction Technologies in an IBS group company. From 2003 to 2015 he was Director of the Flow Survey Department of Roxar Services. He has also worked as Production Director in the company ‘LARGEO’, and Deputy Director for Business Development in the company ‘OT-Oil’.


Alexander Zaykov

Chief Information Officer

Born in 1976.
In 1998 graduated from Kirov Polytechnic Institute with a degree in System Engineering (computers,  systems and networks).
Worked at Rostelecom, JSC as an electronic engineer, since 2002 – worked at Gazprom zarubezhneftegaz, JSC as a lead engineer of the automated control system and head of the IT-department.
2011-2016 worked in Gazprom EP International B.V. in the position of the Head of Information Technologies Department.


Vladimir Monastyrev

Deputy Chief Information Officer, Head of Software Support Division

Born in 1977.
In 1999 graduated from the Tyumen State Oil and Gas University with a degree in Geophysical Methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits.
As a geophysicist, worked at Yamalgeofizika, JSC, in  Shpilman Scientific and Analytical Center for Rational Subsoil Use, as well as in  Halliburton Engineering Inc.  as the Head of CIS  Technical Support Service.
2011–2016 – Head of the Sector for Support of Technological Solutions and Data Management at Gazprom EP International B.V.


Vladimir Artemyev

Deputy Chief Information Officer, Head of Security  System Support Service

Born in 1961.
In 1984 graduated from the Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics with a degree in applied mathematics.
1984-2011 – Military service. After retiring worked as the Head of the Department for the Protection of Electronic Information Systems of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
2013-2017 worked in Gazprom EP International B.V. as Head of the Electronic Resources Stability Section of  the IT Division.