A Professional Approach to the Study of the Earth’s Interior


Competencies in Core Areas of Activity:

  • Full expertise in the field of research and processing of geological data, as well as availability of the necessary certificates for the use of the relevant software;
  • An extensive experience in professional, scientific and teaching practice, possession of academic degrees in the relevant sciences;
  • Regular scheduled participation in specialized forums, conferences, and other related events to maintain the required high level of knowledge in all core areas of the company’s activities.

Competencies in Project Management and Well-Construction Supervision:

  • Appropriate training of personnel confirmed by BOSIET and HUET certification, which allows access to operations in southern and northern seas;
  • Valid IWCF certificates for drilling supervisors;
  • Supervisors at semi-submersible rigs and drilling vessels have undergone appropriate training, which is confirmed by IWCF certification, for submarine blow-out preventer equipment;
  • Personnel have experience in working to API standards;
  • English language competence.